Reunion Survey

The Reunion Planning Committe wants to hear from YOU!  Our goal is to plan a memorable event for ALL '91 Alumni and our guests, and we would truly love to see everyone together again!  Please take a minute (or a few) to complete the survey and let us know what would make this a festive and enjoyable event for everyone (no Naked Twister, strip poker, keg stands, keep it clean peeps!).

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1)   Are you traveling in from out of town to attend? If so, from where?

2)   Friday night, will you meet up at Shawn's Irish Tavern in Waterville?

Yes No
3)   Are you interested in participating in a Saturday morning 5k fun run around the high school?

Yes No
4)   Are you/your spouse/SO interested in participating in a Saturday golf outing?

  Saturday morning
  Saturday afternoon
5)   Would you be willing to assist in the organization of the golf outing?

Yes No
6)   What would you suggest for a Sunday afternoon gathering? Please suggest a location/event/etc. so we have an idea of what to look for/plan/etc.

7)   Would you be willing to assist with the planning of a Sunday afternoon gathering?

Yes No
8)   Is there an activity, item, suggestion that you would like to see at this year's reunion?

9)   Are you interested in touring the high school? (select all that apply)

  No way!
  Yes - Saturday morning
  Yes - Saturday afternoon
  Yes - Sunday morning
  Yes - Sunday afternoon
10)   Do you have any memorabilia you would be willing to lend for the evening? Photos, uniforms, 80's/90's pop culture items, etc.

Yes No
11)   Are you willing to work the door at the reunion by signing people in, accepting payments and providing name tags? Do you know anybody else who may want to help?